Thursday, December 9, 2010


The theme for this week's Special Needs blog hop is "Random Thoughts". I only speak in random thoughts, so this should be perfect for me.

So where to begin:

  • I totally bombed my treatment practical today and I wanted to throw up, crawl under a rock, or throw something. Wish I had a time machine so I could do it all over again.

  • On the ride home from school today Brian was chanting "Percy and Tommy, Percy and Tommy". Any idea what he went to play with as soon as he got home?

  • Corbin told his speech therapist that Brian has been flapping his hands a lot more lately. If my 8-year-old is noticing, then it's time for me to admit that something has been off again lately.

  • I really really really want a frozen strawberry margarita with sugar on the rim. Right now.

  • Brian wrote a letter to Santa at school that said he'd help me with the dishes. I'll have to thank his aide for putting that in there- because I'm holding him to it.

  • I cry easily.

  • According to Corbin's teacher, he told the whole class yesterday the reason he is so good at math is because his mom has a ton of math trophies. Now the secret that I was a high school mathlete is out.

  • We're going to eat my Dad's famous hot dog casserole for dinner and watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Don't be hating.

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Nanette said...

Hmmm? Let's see, could it have been Thomas the Tank Engine? My ds loved Thomas. We actually still have it all.

Lynn said...

Hot dog casserole and strawberry margaritas? *ERP*

I hope you're wrong about your practical!

Unknown said...

LOL Lynn- I just *wanted* a margarita....that is going to have to wait until tomorrow evening

Dani G said...

mmmm sugar on the rim!!! But I draw the line at hot dog casserole. WTF is that?

Did you change something with Brian's supplements? Sometimes if LB is off, I can trace it back to what's been going into her- or what hasn't (sometimes I forget). Of course, for LB, it always has a lot to do with what isn't coming out (poop)!!
Oh, come on. I couldn't write a comment and NOT include a little poop!!

Varda said...

Stopping over from the SN blog hop.

My son Jacob has been a bit "off" the past couple of weeks, to. Someone thought it might be a bit of SAD as the days are approaching their shortest. They suggested increasing his vitamin D3 to help compensate, or getting a full spectrum lamp & sitting him under it an hour a day.

Don't know if you live northerly enough for this to affect you, too, but thought it worth a mention.

I, too took the "Random Thoughts" prompt as a chance to be literal and pop off some funny brain fluff. My blog is so often heavy and intense, it was fun to be blithe and cheery.

How come when we moms list our random thoughts there's always a food item in there? Hmmmm.

@jencull (jen) said...

hehehe at Thomas and Percy, we haven't reached the Thomas phase yet, YET. I know it is coming! Jen (visiting from SN bloghop)

Tammy said...

I'd hold him to the dishes, too. I'd like a Strawberry Margarita, too.

Jennifer said...

I hate to admit that I had to read the comments to realize that "Percy and Thomas" were from Thomas the Train!

Yes, I have girls at my house. They went through a very brief "Thomas" phase, but it wasn't long enough for me to become knowledgeable.

Visiting from the Special Needs Hop!


tulpen said...

I cry easily too. Like if someone tried to make me eat a hot dog casserole? Major crying.

Kathy said...

I have been known to cry at animated movies. Why am I suddenly thirsty for a strawberry margarita?

Christina said...

I cry easily too...anytime I am frustrated. And what is in the hot dog casserole?!?!