Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Recap

It was a year with ups and downs.

Brian had his major regression at the beginning of this year and couldn't seem to handle the full-inclusion classroom like he had at the beginning of the year.  It was a hard start to the year, for all of us.  Probably the worst for him, but I certainly felt like I was hit by it pretty hard.

Corbin had a fun year- his first year not doing tee-ball and doing "real" baseball instead.  He also joined Cub Scouts this year.  He also decided all girls, beside his mother, had cooties during this past year.

We had a huge fundraiser for the Autism Society of Maine prior to the walk and our team, which grew to 43 members, gave the largest donation at the walk.  We attended the Autism Society of Maine's family retreat for our second year in a row and loved every minute of it.

I completed 41 credits in 2010.  Gives me a headache just to think about it.  Each semester I ended up on the deans list. And yes I am very proud of myself.

Brian received a Bright Eyes medical grant to go to the Thoughtful House in Texas.  Him and I traveled there in September.  We changed his diet around and implemented a boatload of vitamins and supplements.  We've seen some real changes this year and if I have to choose one thing from 2010 that I am grateful for, it would be this grant.

I had a dear friend be diagnosed with breast cancer.  A sister that had to have a small tumor removed from her inner ear.  And dealt with another round of mediations with the ex (but also celebrated FIVE years of being out of that relationship this year).  Those were the worst parts of 2010.

Brian's been excelling in his full-inclusion classroom this year.  Corbin tested off the charts for math.  My sister and brother-in-law bought their first home.  Josh and I celebrated three years of being together.  I sang out-of-key at karaoke a few times this year.  I finished a lot of good books.  I was surrounded by friends and family.  Surrounded by lots of love, laughter, and hugs.  Those were the best parts of 2010.

2011 will bring another trip to the Thoughtful House and my graduation.  Reasons enough to believe the next year is going to be a great one.

Happy New Year!


kristi said...

Lots of ups and downs. I graduated in July..I also am proud of myhself!

Dani G said...

I really hope it IS a good one for you and your boys. I'll be here along the way, too!

Lynn said...

Happy New Year Heather! Here's to a wonderful 2011!