Friday, December 17, 2010

The Guessing Game

For the most part I think that I'm very patient. I think I have accepted things to just be part of my life and don't sweat the small stuff.

But some days I just wonder how long I can do it for.

Like searching all over for one particular train, not even sure which one I'm looking for because Brian can't tell me, but if we don't find it he's not going to get into the bath tub.

Then emptying the bath tub and having to wait and wait and wait, because he won't get out of the tub until the last drop of water is down the drain.

Then when reading a book to him I have to start over three times because he has another book he's holding and he wants us each to turn the page at the same time.

Then waking up in the morning to him running the trains on the railing of the stairs to watch them crash on the floor. It's so loud and alarming to wake up to.

Then making his scrambled eggs in a perfect circle shape because for some reason, unknown to the rest of us, he won't eat them any other way.

Then trying to calm him down when he's insisting he can't wear a zip-up sweatshirt AND a jacket. I guess it's the two zipper thing.

Then having the entire ensemble of snow pants, boots, winter jacket, hat, mittens on when he starts crying and pulling at his pants. Something's obviously not lined up right, but he can't tell me. And he's not going out that door to school until I figure it out.

All of these things need to be in a certain way, and none of them he can actually verbalize to me, it's so much of a guessing game.

I just wonder if the rest of my existence is going to follow this guessing game.


Lynn said...

That is so exhausting Heather. I hope for you that Brian gets more flexible as he gets older, because we are all going to have years taken off of our lives if it doesn't get easier.

Kristine said...

It is totally exhausting. I spent the morning wondering exactly how many years I've aged since Katie turned 2. It's only been one, but I swear I look about 10 years older. I spent the morning pulling Katie out of a therapy session early because all she did was scream and yell. Only to come home and have her do the same thing here for an hour. Katie needs EVERYTHING to go her way or she freaks out these days. I'm about to go crazy over here.

I feel for you and maybe it helps to know that there are others out here with the same daily frustrations. Maybe we can get a group discount on moving into a retirement home at age 50...I'm sure I'll be ready. Ugh.

Dena said...

I was the one in tears after an attempted arts and crafts time with B yesterday. He was frustrated that I was not understanding what he wanted (he's starting to cry and have mini freakouts) and I was frustrated that he couldn't tell me. It helps me to know that I am not alone, too. Sending you a hug.

tulpen said...

I'm exhausted just reading this.

K. said...

Our kids sound so much alike. My son is the exact same way with the bathtub, and will throw a huge fit if removed from the tub before the water is all gone. I have my fingers crossed that it will get better. Take care.

Christina said...

I really don't know how you do it. I have very little patience with my own kids, and that doesn't even compare AT ALL. (((((HUGS))))) Is all I know to say right now.

Christina said...

I really don't know how you do it. I have very little patience with my own kids, and that doesn't even compare AT ALL. (((((HUGS))))) Is all I know to say right now.