Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Brian really really impresses me. Every year when I compare one big event to the previous one I really can see growth. It may be hard to see it day-to-day but it's so noticeable comparing year-to-year.

The first few houses he did try to go into- hello? Why knock on a door and NOT go in? What's the point of that? But only after about three homes he had the routine down. He was saying "Trick or Treat" this year and "Thank you" (with prompts). He yelled, "Car coming! Watch out! Aaahh!" (repeatedly), when he saw headlights. He laughed (appropriately) when we watched Josh run across a busy road after Woody's cowboy hat (windy night here in Maine). He didn't cry when we switched directions. And (drum roll, please) he wore his costume for the entire night.

Corbin was so cute as Dumbledore and we even had TWO people guess who he was without us telling them! The wind made his costume a bit problematic but we dealt with it. At one point he tripped over something and decided it must have been a monster (what else could it possibly be?) and he ran full speed towards our car. I know I'm going to sound like a mean Mommy but seeing his robe and the white hair flowing as he ran with this funny gait just had me doubled over in laughter.

Overall they made out like candy bandits- though the pile did diminish quite a bit after removing the gluten, dairy, and soy. Surprisingly they fell asleep fast even after their sugar high. Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe Halloween!


Lynn said...

The holidays are great for the year to year comparison. Sounds like everything is going in the right direction for Brian...awesome! Audrey did well...just a new fear of dogs, which it seemed like every house we went to had one.

Christina said...

That is awesome - Brian did SO GOOD!! And you did great on the robe - wow!