Sunday, October 31, 2010

Will it be tricks or treats?

Halloween is really such a weird thing when you look at it from a very literal view, as my child, and others like him must do. It's still a few hours before we leave to go trick-or-treating but he came home this morning zombified. Just really tired and not giving much back to me- it makes me worry about how being "off" like this will affect a night that's already so confusing.

On another note, he has shown good progress with wearing his costume. We had a Cub Scouts Halloween party to go to and he refused to wear it. Yet when I showed up at his school on Friday to go on a Halloween field trip with his class, he was already in his costume and I was told he proudly went to share it with all the other teachers in the school. He kept it on for the entire field trip and then that afternoon for the school's Halloween parade.

So let's hope that means tonight will be a night full of fun!

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