Saturday, September 25, 2010

Not normal.

Our family is not normal. Not at all.

Tomorrow I'm going to be attempting to do the Intestine Permeability test with Brian. It consists of him fasting overnight, drinking a glucose-type drink in the morning, still abstaining from food and drink for another two hours, and collecting his urine for six hours.

There's so many cracks in this plan.

First, I can't get Brian to drink anything if he suspects it's not a "normal" drink. He is always on the guard, checking to make sure beverages don't have any supplement added into them. I have no idea how I'm going to get him to drink the glucose drink.

Second, I am going to need to be attached to Brian all day long to make sure he is not sneaking any foods that contain fructose or sneaking any urine into the toilet.

Third, Brian will not pee into a collection cup. We've tried urine tests in the past to no avail. He has his ideas about how things are suppose to be done and a collection cup is no where in that plan.

So today every time Corbin has to pee we've been all gathering in the bathroom to watch Corbin do his business in the collection cup. Brian really does look up to Corbin and loves to imitate him so my hope is Brian will want to follow suit. That's right. My seven-year-old "typical" son is peeing in a cup to help his little brother learn how to do a urine test. And it's just another part of our day. No big deal.

Do you now see why I said we're not normal? Sometimes I look at our life like an outsider and I just have to shake my head and laugh.


Christina said...

I hope Brian cooperates and it all goes smoothly. Corbin is such an awesome guy - truly!!!!!

Dani G said...

Somehow this crazy life became our normal. Corbin is such an amazing big bro. It's wonderful that he gets it.
Good luck with the whole process. It's not gonna be an easy one but we have been through tough days like this before. Let us know...

Kathy said...

I try to convince myself that normal is boring. Good luck to you guys. Corbin is an amazing brother.

Lynn said...

Corbin is clearly on the "whatever it takes" bandwagon...what a good sport! Good luck...what we don't go through huh?