Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Intervention Plan

Everyone is still very interested in our recent trip to the Thoughtful House and wanting to ask a gazillion questions. And I'm still not bored talking about it! In fact I love when someone asks me about it. I'll tell you every single detail if you have some time on your hands.

A few people have been curious about what we're actually changing or adding into our lifestyle. Maybe out of curiosity. Maybe looking for something they haven't tried with their own child. Maybe just because they are family and want to know if they can chip in in any way.

So here is our four week intervention plan. Each week we add a couple new things and/or take out a few things. It makes it seem so much more manageable. At the end of the four weeks we will have a phone appointment with Lucas Ramirez and see what the next four weeks will entail.

**I have removed the actual Intervention plan as I didn't want this information to be used on other children without supervision of a doctor. Brian's interventions have been specifically designed for him. Always check with your doctor before making changes in your own child's supplement plans or diet plans.**

During the next four weeks we will be changing his diet by going completely dairy free, soy free, and limiting his protein (only because he's receiving about double the amount he should at this point). I will be supplementing his diet with whole food supplements.

For supplements we will be using a multivitamin, zinc, magnesium citrate, fish oil, Vitamin C and calcium. We will also be performing a bowel clean out in the third week of treatment.


Lynn said...

Wow...that's pretty intense! Look forward to hearing more about how it's going and if you see any changes....

Dani G said...

you can do it!!
I'm interested to see how Brian does with some of these things. Some things are harder to give to a kid than others. Natural Calm didn't work out here for "cleaning out" because she just wouldn't drink it. I'm still, as always, searching for "cleaning out" solutions!

Unknown said...

You can do it:) I will be following your story:)

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