Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Big One is Done.

The six hour Intestinal Permeability test is done.

I'm so happy that we accomplished this small feat. It began with me having to take Brian's first morning urine. He pulled down his underwear, realized I was holding the cup, pulled his underwear back up, and left the bathroom. He did this four times before he finally gave in and went into the collection cup.

Next I had to mix up the "Challenge" solution (which consists of two types of sugar) with water and make him drink it. It was a small amount and after mixing I put it into a regular water bottle to try to trick him. It wasn't happening. I could only allow 30 minutes from the time he started to when he was done or else the test would be ineffective. So after fifteen minutes of being "happy, silly mommy" and him not having swallowed a single drop I had to be the "mean mama". It came down to me having to use a pipette to force him to drink it, all while sitting on top of him. Not fun. BUT he didn't spit any of it back out at me which he does every single time I've tried to give him medicine that way.

As soon as we were done he forgave me and gave me lots of hugs. We spent the next two hours cuddling and watching the Disney channel. I'm so glad he can forgive me so easily!

The rest of the urine collection really went off without a hitch. In fact by the last time he had to go to the bathroom he stood in front of the toilet and waited for me to get the cup before he'd pee. Now to figure out how to get a stool sample.


Penny said...

Do you have a "hat" for the stool sample?

Lynn said...

congratulations on getting through that one!

Lynn said...

congratulations on getting through that one!