Friday, July 2, 2010

Squeeze Me

Brian had begun to lose his attentiveness and I asked the psychologist if it was okay if he sat on my lap while we tried to do a few more. It worked, as I thought it would. She was showing him six pictures at a time of actions and asking him to point to what she asked. We came to the word "squeeze" and the picture that he was suppose to point to was a hand squeezing a sponge. I didn't think he'd get it.

She repeated "Squeeze" to him after he didn't respond the first time. He took both my hands and placed them on his side and said "squeeze!". Sometimes, things so small, just take my breath away. He loves to be squeezed and I always ask him, when he's starting to melt down, if he needs a squeeze but he has never used the word himself.

Then to make it even better she said it one more time and he DID point to the hand squeezing the sponge.

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Lynn said...

Awesome! We always use the word squeeze as well...for hugs or just sensory input. We even have an imaginary "squeeze machine" which is just me sort of laying on her and giving her massage. It must feel so blissful to them!