Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cluttered Mind Confessions

A lot on my mind lately....

☼ If the new consolidated school system is as prepared and organized as Brian's "summer school" then I'm in for a hell of a year (please insert sarcasm).

☼ Brian's been having bowel movements, left and right. Gross, tar-like, sticky, dark messes. He even did it in his pants while we were at family's last night. Hasn't had an accident in...forever. We've had three clogged toilets, numerous clothes changes, and lots of baths over the past two days. Will there be a day that I won't talk about poop and have my life consumed by it?

☼ Brian's new favorite thing is to dump all the water out of the bathtub on to the floor. Bath time use to be quiet time for Mama. I could put him in there and sit in my bedroom next door to the bathroom and read. Not anymore.

☼ I told Corbin he was handsome the other day and his reply was "Only guys on motorcycles and guys in wedding shirts are handsome Mom".

☼ I wanted Brian to match sight words the other day and he surprised me by reading seven of them. Really reading them, I didn't say them first or anything.

☼ Corbin's almost completely done with his splint. Only has to wear it for rough, outdoor type of play.

☼ We're gearing up for the annual Autism Family Retreat this weekend. So excited for some rest and to be in that environment where you fit in and you never ever worry what someone is thinking about your child.

☼ I had my first true-blue grown-up weekend this past weekend. Well first one in a long time anyways. I had forgot how nice it was. Friday night we went out to dinner with a bunch of people to celebrate a friend's big 4-0. Then Saturday we enjoyed the Blues Festival fun in town. It was nice to be a grown-up with no responsibilities. At least ones that really matter. But it was even nicer to get those hugs from my babies on Sunday!


Lynn said...

The reading thing is huge and something that can be leveraged for all kinds of things. We make social stories for Audrey for absolutely everything and she loves to sit and read them. For some reason, anything in that format that she can read to herself has great impact. So we can write stories about things that are upsetting her or why she shouldn't do this or that, and it works like a charm.

Christina said...

Lots of ups and downs for you lately!