Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I was excited.

Tonight as I laid in bed with Brian I pulled out a new toy. It consists of a magnetic board, magnetic numbers, and a flip book with pictures of different amounts of pictures. I never know what Brian's reaction will be when I present him with a new learning experience but he was excited about this one!

I was excited at how little teaching he needed, he knew what was expected and he just did it. I was excited to see him be able to say how many objects there were without having to count one-by-one any time the objects were five or less. And when he did have to count them he didn't need to point and count, he could visually track and count them. I was excited to see him realize, with no problem, to take a "1" and a "0" to make "10" when that was the appropriate number. I was excited that when he was questioning himself he would look at me with this inquisitive look and I'd nod or shake my head and he could read those gestures from me. I was excited that when I yelled to Josh to come see what Brian was doing, Brian would answer each one and look at Josh with a big proud smile on his face.

It was a good night. :)


Lynn said...

Awesome. It's always gratifying when they like a toy that is actually educational...instead of one that they just perseverate on that has no educational value at all.

kristi said...

Sounds like a great learning tool!