Sunday, May 2, 2010

This can't be good.

This is too much. Too much for me to handle. And too much to share online.

But I do deal with it all while laughing and I do share it because who else do I have to share it with. I have a lot of "autistic moms" (as I call them) that read my blog and I enjoy knowing that someone out there knows exactly what I'm going through.

I was downstairs working on my activity analysis for school when I see the flash go into the kitchen. A naked little butt grabbing his trains he left on the kitchen table earlier. A cute little butt.....except I can see poop on it.

Okay, not a big deal. He very often doesn't wipe well enough and I have to go in for a second cleaning. I walk upstairs with him and go to grab the brand-new pack of flushable wipes (only way he can get himself clean) to find them COMPLETELY empty. I sigh knowing this isn't going to be good. I glance over and see the plunger is out and it's wet. So he was definitely trying to fix a problem. I repeat, this is not going to be good.

I open the toilet lid and it's to the very top with the whole package of flushable wipes, almost a whole roll of toilet paper, and to top it all off- a feminine pad, that he must've unwrapped to try to use?

Honestly, I just closed the lid and said, "I need to gather myself before trying to fix this problem". And walked away.

But seriously I dealt with it all laughing. I often wonder if this means that I've kind of lost my mind.

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