Friday, May 7, 2010

Storytime Live!

Lately things have been really up for me, really positive (even despite the baseball game from hell), and I have felt really lucky.

My luck really came into play as I entered a contest at Raising Maine and won four tickets to see Storytime Live! The show was yesterday afternoon, so after the boys' concert I took them out of school early and we took the journey to Portland.

I never told the boys what we were doing, other than it was a surprise. Corbin had so many guesses but mostly stuck to his guess of seeing Iron Man 2. We arrived in Portland at almost the exact time a giant fire had started at an old factory and there was just a wall of black smoke only two blocks from the parking lot we were using. It was an interesting way to start our "adventure" as both boys were so excited to see all the firetrucks zooming by as we were walking up Congress Street.

We found a nice little cafe to enjoy lunch and then headed our way to the beautiful Merrill Auditorium. We were nervous that our seats may be smack dab in the middle of a row but we negotiated with the ticket takers and were able to get a great aisle seat. We wanted to be prepared for however many trips out Brian would need.

I was getting nervous at the beginning of the show- Brian just sat on the steps next to our seats in the balcony and was running his trains back and forth. I took a picture and laughed to Josh that this would show everyone how Brian enjoyed the show.

But he surprised us all and as soon as the show started he was watching. I am glad we got the aisle seats because he walked up and down the steps and played on the banister some, but all while still being entranced by the characters from some of his favorite shows.

Corbin was totally enthralled throughout the show but nothing compared to the last show- Dora. His eyes never moved from the stage, he was doing all the movements, yelling out the answers, and his eyes were just as big as saucers. Though of course after he told us that maybe we shouldn't tell anyone because his friends don't like Dora anymore (oh please, will you all stop being in a hurry to grow up!).

Overall, the trip was a giant success and I am so happy that we had a family outing that we all stayed through the whole thing with no tantrums at all. It was such a great feeling.

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Christina said...

How fun! I think you needed that, after the last few events. Yay Brian!