Thursday, May 20, 2010

The Manic Night Episodes

I'm sure I've mentioned these before. I've probably done the joke of how I haven't slept in seven years. Brian has a problem with night waking. He doesn't leave his bedroom or even his bed- well recently, on a few nights, I've found him in the bathroom letting the water run in the sink. But his usual routine is to stay in bed and just be manic- I really don't know how else to explain it. He is always, 100% of the time, in an extremely happy mood when he wakes. He kicks, bounces his body, makes lots of noises and will do this non-stop for HOURS. We use melatonin and it helps him fall asleep and sometimes we'll get on a roll where I do think it's helping him stay asleep but then he just starts waking again. I, have honestly, laid on top of him, giving him my complete body weight to try to calm him. He has a weighted blanket but he just does the thing where he kicks it around. I taped him tonight, he's in my bed, and this is not the most extreme, I've seen more hyper nights before- he seems to maybe be coming down a little (I've given him another dose of melatonin I am praying will kick in soon). I've wanted to share this for a long time because I don't think my words do it justice. And the strangest part about this is that yes, Brian does present as a high-energy boy during the day- but NOTHING near what he presents during these night-wakings. I never would see him gyrating his body how he does or just the non-stop noises- they are noises I don't even hear during the day. Now that I'm wide awake, let me take my own dose of melatonin. Fingers crossed that at least one of us gets some sleep in the four hours I have until my alarm goes off!


Christina said...

Wow Heather, you are right. You don't understand until you see it. He just can't lay still - poor guy! Hope you can both get some rest!

Dani G said...

Oh man, he really does seem to be crawling out of his skin. Think it's a sensory thing?

Little Bird came over to my side of the table when she heard his voice :)

Jennifer said...

I stumbled on your site after googling teacher gifts (very cute bouquet)! Love this blog. My little boy has similar sleep issues and we also use melatonin with great results. Here are some other ideas that have helped:

- Epsom salts with lavender oil. Very hot at least :20min soaking (also helps if he has constipation). I also use lavender essential oil or Aveeno products. The aromatherapy & salts make a big difference. If he can do milk, try a hot cup. It's the magnesium in both that work in the body for relaxation & sleep.

From Pedi-Neuro
- Clonidine HCL. We use 1/4 pill for our 37lb boy. It's a drug used for ADD, but we find it's also a really helpful on-demand tool for the really high energy, repetitive, shouting manic behavior. Works in about :15 min. Ask your Pedi or Neuro for their opinion.

Good luck and keep blogging - it's great to share our strength!