Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A Real Look at My Day

So today was a typical day in my life and sometimes when I finish the day and look back I think, why the hell am I not officially insane yet?

*6:00- woke up, took a shower, dressed, hung new kitchen curtains, checked email, and watched some morning news
*7:00- waking the boys, help Brian get dressed- though he insists his pirate patch be the first article of clothing he put on, make them breakfast (Brian refuses cereal so he gets eggs just about every single morning), eat with them and talk about our schedules for the day, help Brian brush his teeth (thank goodness Corbin is pretty much independent in his getting ready for the day), pack Corbin's snack box, find his library books, greet Amber at the door and leave with Corbin
*8:05- deliver Corbin to school, stop and talk with his teacher for a few minutes
*8:17- Arrive at work, a little late as always, unlock the school, make copies of notices, set up circle, feed the fish, set up toys outside
*9:00- School begins- next three hours are filled with playing, learning, and some aggravation
*Noon- kids are leaving school- time to clean-up, set up for tomorrow, and do notes
*1:00- home, grab a quick snack, realize the realtor left me an email that she can meet me at 1- decide to run over there and see if she is at the apartment, hang out for a little while to realize she isn't coming
*1:15- back home, gonna relax for a minute
*1:30- big crash upstairs- go up to find that Brian decided to pull down three shelves that were full of all of his therapy stuff- Amber & I spend the next half-hour cleaning it all up and reorganizing
*1:50- Natasha shows up- wants to show me the newest wedding plans (yes, I haven't mentioned I'm in TWO weddings this summer so been busy with those as well as my regular life)- she got an awesome cake topper for the cake! We discuss wedding plans for a little while.
*2:45- Walk down to the bus stop to pick up Corbin
*3:00- ice cream for everyone (though I haven't ate lunch oops lol)- Brian really enjoys his sorbet once I let him put candy sprinkles on top
*3:20- some computer time- I'm addicted and don't feel well if I don't get some time in :)
*3:40- Smell something- yup Brian has BMd in his room and it's on the walls- give him a bath and help him get dressed again
*4:00- try to call around and make some plans regarding my sister's wedding- can't say anymore as she reads this blog ;)
*4:30- start making dinner- wanted to give the boys an early dinner because we're gonna go watch Josh's softball game across the street
*4:45- Phone rings- it's Chris saying the game isn't at the Elks field but at the Jailhouse- yeah, a jail team is in the league- weird, decide I dno't feel comfortable bringing the boys there so he'll have to go on his own tonight
*4:50- Suddenly hits me that I forgot Brian's OT- I don't know how! I have never ever forgotten one of his therapy sessions- Call Marissa & apologize!
*5:15- dinner is ready, boys both eat a lot which is good
*5:40- Corbin gets a 1/2 hour of video game time- which Brian loves to watch- I again go on the computer but only for a short while because soon Corbin wants me to join with him to help him get past part of the Lego Indiana Jones game
*6:20- Corbin goes outside to play with our neighbor and Brian and I finish cleaning up his room- after we do some letter work, jumping on the bed and pointing to the letters I've taped next to his bed
*7:00- I come downstairs to sweep, dishes, and clean the table- go back upstairs to find that Brian has again pooped and it's made it's way to the hallway this time- another bath for Brian
*7:25- Call Corbin in, get them both ready for bed, read them If You Give A Moose A Muffin, and kiss them goodnight
*7:50- throw in a load of laundry, start boiling water for some tortellini for myself, and hoping to stay awake long enough to watch Milk, which I rented several days ago but just haven't had the time to watch


Pancy Fants said...

You are such an awesome Mom; I hope you hear that often. My Little Dude loves Lego's Indiana Jones and Star Wars (and by love, I mean completely obsessed).

Christina said...

Thanks for sharing your day with us...you are amazing!

Unknown said...

Gosh, I feel your pain. It seems like autism moms never get a moment to spare...

Crystal said...

Gosh, I feel your pain. It seems like autism moms never get a moment to spare...