Friday, June 5, 2009

Five Steps to Potty Independence

Today we are going to be starting a behavioral plan revolving around Brian's misuse of the potty when he needs to have a BM. I'm very apprehensive about this- though I think it will work- but implementing such plans are always so hard- on him and on me.

So the five steps of the potty plan are:

* No time alone- that's right, we're going to be attached at the hip, putting a baby gate at the bottom of the stairs- so he has to be on whatever level I'm at- don't be surprised if you don't see me blogging as much during the next week or so, however long it takes. This isn't going to be an easy task- baby gates don't hinder him- this is the boy I found on top of the water heater, with no chairs or anything nearby to give him a boost.

* Sitting on the potty at all times- even when peeing- this is the only step I'm not really fully on board with. This is going to make him extremely mad as he has figured out the peeing part, no problem. I think he'll be upset that we are making him do it the "wrong way" and also are we going to have to "retrain" him to stand after we make gains in the BM area? I'm going to address these concerns with Allan this afternoon before we officially start.

* Reinforcer- I'm taking away his two most preferred items- trains and his VSmile- and he is only going to get them when he successfully poops on the potty. I don't think this will actually bother him too much- usually for him, out of sight is out of mind. I do think he'll be VERY excited to see them come out when he's had that successful potty trip though. So not too worried about this step.

* Picture Schedule- I took pictures last night of him entering the bathroom, sitting on the toilet, the actual poop in the toilet (and I have discovered that I have a really bad weak stomach all of a sudden), and pictures of his reinforcers. So not an extensive schedule- just a short one to know what he needs to do to get those reinforcers.

* The fifth and final step is not going to be enforced right away- it's only going to be used if we find the other steps are not working. And this step is correction. If he poops in his underwear he is going to have to wash his underwear for three minutes- which doesn't seem long writing it here but it's long- believe me, we used this step at the very end of his regular potty training session. I don't make it fun for him- I don't talk to him, I just lead him to the sink, turn on the water, not cold, but not completely comfortably warm either. I hate typing this out- it sounds so mean- but it works. Brian just really needs those clear consequences to get over these humps. But hopefully as I said before we won't even need to get to this step!

Wish us luck- I think we're gonna need it!!

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