Thursday, June 4, 2009

Got Autism?

I was recently "dream shopping" (dream shopping: (v) the art of filling up carts online with no intention of buying it all because of not having an expendible income) on and had a whole cart full of items I'd like to get for Brian. I found the website to be really easy to navigate and they had a ton of items that I hadn't actually seen on other websites, not to mention the prices were very competitive. The variety of items were amazing from puzzles to intricate sensory swings. They have nutritional supplements, posters of trains, cars, & planes, DVDs, books, awareness items, and so much more! I left the website feeling a little sad I couldn't get anything that day but promised that next paycheck I would definitely buy a thing or two.

A week later I recieved an email from the owner of the site. She had noticed I had filled a "cart" and then left the website- being a fairly new site she just wanted to know if I had found the site helpful or not. I assured her that it wasn't the site, I enjoyed it very much, but I just didn't really have the money at that time to place the order. She wrote back and thanked me for the wonderful review and then continued to send me two tangle toys in the mail- one for Brian and one for Corbin- as well as a coupon for the site. I think it is wonderful to have found a site with such a personal touch and of course I have to rave about it and try to send others their way! So make sure to go visit !

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