Sunday, June 28, 2009

Keeping Busy & Making Time

Last week was our first week of school vacation- I've been looking forward to it, looking forward to relax and take it a little bit slower. So far that hasn't happened. Corbin had football camp last week, I had to get in some hours at work so we're not positively broke next week, Brian started Freedom Riders, and both kids' therapy schedules changed due to ESY.

Shuttling Corbin to football camp every morning at eight, trying to get home before 8:30 to feed Brian before Amber got here (don't think we were successful even once with this), run to work to work a few hours, pick Corbin back up at 12:30, try to do whatever errands I had (with a soaking kid by the way as camp was in the rain all week and football doesn't stop for anything) but at the same time be home by 1:30 as that is when Brian is done and then whatever therapy we had that afternoon.

A few times this week I found myself cursing that I allowed Corbin to go to football camp- don't I have enough to do with Brian already? But then I step back, breathe, look at our life and realize how important it is that I let Corbin do all these things he wants to do. I never want to look at him and say, "No, I don't have the time or the money because all my time and money goes toward your brother with autism." I NEVER want him to think he is less important or for him to become resentful towards Brian. I want for him to be able to achieve his goals and dreams- whatever they are at the moment for a six-year-old, just like I want Brian to do. I love seeing the joy Corbin gets being busy, busy, busy with his peers- as he is a hyper extrovert as we all know.

The last day of football camp consisted of the Tigerball Championships broken up into two categories 4-8 and 8-13. I took that day off from trying to run around and I just sat on the bleachers, cheered on my little man, gave him high-fives and hugs when needed, and took lots of pictures. Laughed to myself as I saw how committed he was in the first game of the tournament and how by the last he was more opt to be picking grass and playing with his shorts. As we are different personality types it started to bug me that he wasn't paying attention, but he was happy, so I have learned how to let it go and just smile at that little man of mine. His team did go on to win their division and I couldn't be more proud to display his trophy on our shelf in the livingroom. It's moments like these that I hope he remembers and he knows that even though he has a little brother that has special-needs, that takes up a LOT of his Mommy's time, that he is just as special in his Mommy's eyes as his brother is.

*Corbin is on the left of this picture tackling someone- though it's just touch football*

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Christina said...

Sounds like you are crazy busy! I really admire how devoted you are to making sure your sons have the best in life and the freedom to explore it!