Saturday, January 3, 2009

Creativity follows Boredom

I love the fact that with my job I have the same vacation time as the kids but near the end of it, I can sometimes start feeling a bit stir crazy. This vacation I think I have turned that feeling into something more creative. I have rearranged three rooms in the house, made a display board for my lia sophia jewelry, cleaned, cleaned, and cleaned some more, and "refinished" a chair.

My apartment is filled with pieces from family and friends. Almost every piece of my furniture now that I think about it. I don't know what I would've done without my circle of "peeps". When I became a single mother I had to leave the relationship safely- and that meant leaving with what I could fit in my Mom's van- I never got to go back to get the rest. And of course, anything we had accumulated while we were together, was his. It's a sore subject with me- especially since a lot of the stuff I left were memories, not materialistic things. Anywho, I feel I might have got a little off topic here.

My stepmom gave me these two metal chairs that were upholstered with this plasticky picnic table print, which had a big rip in it. I used them in the kitchen of my first apartment. When I moved here my brother gave me a set of chairs (well only three lol but it worked for us!) for our kitchen table so the two others became desk chairs. I appreciated everything I've ever been given but I have to say the chairs have never been my style and I've talked and talked about doing something about it. Three years later, here I am. I got bored and painted it this fun blue that we used on the kid's picnic table two summers ago and reupholstered the seat with a black & white print from a skirt I had in the Goodwill pile. I love it! It's so funky, and it's so me. I painted a lamp the same color and bought curtains today. So my room is slowly actually getting a color theme going to it.

Now I need to do the other to match the computer desk in the livingroom.

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