Thursday, January 8, 2009

Catching Up

I'm usually a pretty active blogger but been a little slow this week. It's been crazy getting back into the routine of things, especially missing a huge component of our lives- Brian's one-on-one.

Corbin has gone back to school, though we had a lovely snow day yesterday :), and he has started basketball. My very ackward little boy lol. He did GREAT at soccer, I think that will be his sport. Basketball requires a bit more coordination with his arms and hands which he seems to struggle with. Though I did see a huge improvement from the beginning of practice where he was dribbling with his whole arm to the end where he seemed to have figured out, a little bit, just moving his wrist.

Brian has been having a hard week- but I know it's due to his schedule being so out of whack. He has either been coming to work with me (which has been a bit crazy as we have several new students that are also trying to figure out the routine) or staying home with Josh- which I'm sure is comfortable to him, but I know (I won't pretend) there isn't much structure during that "male bonding time".

I've been having a bit of depression, maybe the time of year- though it's something i've struggled with, along with anxiety, for a while. Luckily have finally started with my new therapist and feeling good about the new year and making some changes in my life.

I also had a chance to talk with the man who did Brian's cognitive testing and had the chance to talk to him about my displeasure of the result and the fact that he hadn't set up a meeting with me and this pile of bad news was just given to me with no explanation. He listened and he agreed with using a different test with Brian but he did point out that not only were the low scores due to Brian being nonverbal but also because of the fact that he is very hard to focus and keep his attention- which I owned up to and agreed with. I just expressed that I know he is very smart and it's hard for me to see a test pinpoint him at a level and I'm worried about public schools next year seeing this test and just pushing him through school, thinking he can't learn because he can (phew, long runon sentence there- bare with me). If someone had told me a year ago that my little boy would be able to write his name, know his numbers and put them in order, know about half of the letters, his colors, and shapes, understand patterns- be able to follow two-step directions- I would have NEVER thought it was possible. And that was just a year ago- I want people to know that- that he CAN LEARN- he just needs a highly structured environment. My kid is going to recieve the best he can next year and they better realize it because I'm not stopping until he does.

Okay, just had a moment of SuperMOM there. And it felt good.

Oh, and did I forget to mention that Brian hasn't had any accidents in two weeks. I don't even have to ask him to go to the potty- every single time is self-initiated. Even the bowel movements. {Applause entered here}

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Christina said...

WTGo on the potty training! You are such a good mom, and I have no doubt you will make sure Brian gets to where he should be!