Thursday, January 13, 2011

I did that.

Today I discovered a bottle of molasses had spilled on the floor in the pantry. Brian for some reason found it interesting to watch the long process of me cleaning up the sticky mess. He hung out with me and when I needed more paper towels or the sponge I would ask him to pass it to me and he continually did so without any visual prompts. I tried to not make a big deal but it was exciting as he doesn't generally respond to "pass me the" requests.

Then I mentioned to him that I should bring the laptop in because it would be nice to have music- one of those moments when I'm really just talking to myself because I am the only one that responds back most of the time. Seconds later he started singing "Jingle Bells". And he sang the entire song. With no cues.

Then we talked a lot about the food in the pantry.  And I really felt like I was having a conversation, sure it was mostly echolalia, but it was the most language and eye contact I have seen in a long time.

And you know what I thought?  I thought "I did that".  I have never stopped having hope (okay maybe an hour or two on a bad day), pushing him, accepting him, and loving him.  Sure, it may have been because of a new supplement/medication that the Thoughtful House prescribed, a new technique implemented by our occupational therapist, or the speech therapist really woke up his mouth with some oral-motor exercises.  But I'm the one who implements it all, I'm the one who carries it over, and I'm the one who never gives up.  I'm going to start taking credit for his achievements more often, and I encourage all the other wonderful parents out there to do the same.  You deserve it.


Unknown said...

Wow. This is wonderful. I'm so happy for the moments with your little guy, and that all of your hard work is paying off.

@jencull said...

Brilliant, such a big achievement and yes, you are right, YOU did that :) Jen

Christina said...

I love this post. I tell you often that you an inspiration to me. YOU did that!

Christina said...

I love this post. I tell you often that you an inspiration to me. YOU did that!