Friday, June 18, 2010

Use Your Nice Voice

I take pride in bringing my boys up in a home that values respect but at the same time teaches that you can question authority and that we all have the same rights (despite being younger or being a certain gender, etc.). But sometimes that can really become annoying when my child thinks he can question things.

Today I once again found five different board games in the hallway, pieces strewn everywhere. I called both boys in the hallway and asked which one did it. Corbin responded that he was the one at fault. I find this really annoying- because it's right in a high traffic area and he does it almost daily. He likes to take out all the pieces and make his own game with them. I used my "Mommy voice" and told him to pick them up this instant.

He looked up at me and said, "Sure, Mom, I will clean it up but I would like you to use a nice voice with me please."

I told him I used my nice voice lots and lots of times in the past and when that doesn't work I need to use my mean voice.

He then said, "Well Mom, I will listen better when you use your nice voice."

Seriously? I may have created a monster.

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