Monday, June 14, 2010

Broken Bones

So, did I mention that Corbin broke his arm.....AGAIN.

My seven year old has now had three broken bones. Two years ago he broke both his right ulna and radius- a really nasty break that required him being put under to have it set and casted. He broke them running after a kitten in our kitchen.

This time he jumped off a balance beam at the playground about six inches off the ground. Less serious break this time, thank goodness. It's his right radius.

I can't help but to feel guilty. It's that "Mom gene" in me I guess. There's really nothing I could have done though, besides put him in a plastic bubble.

As guilty and bad as I feel that my son has three more broken bones than I've ever had, my son shows absolutely no remorse as he shows off his cast and laughs and jokes about it. He even told my mom he broke it by falling "20 feet at the playground"!

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Christina said...

He doesn't look too bad off LOL! And an arm is better than a leg - trust me!!!