Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Oh, that voice :)

Brian's new favorite scripts are: "Up, up, and away", "Here we come!", and "I did it!". The last two have been favorites in the past but disappeared and then made their reappearance recently.

Yesterday, B knew that C was swimming and really wanted to join him but he had to have a doctors appointment first. I told him "First doctor, then swimming." He didn't tantrum at all. Then when we were all done he looked up at me with the biggest grin and exclaimed, "Swimming!".

He's been on his Brown Bear book kick for a while now and last night we did a new simple "I Spy" book. He was able to find all the pictures quite easily and seemed to enjoy it. After we were done, I tucked him in and he grabbed my cheeks, turned my face to his and said, "Brown Bear?"

Yesterday at the aforementioned appointment our pediatrician was really quite impressed with the amount of spontaneous words Brian now has and even his scripts. Of course Brian is still miles behind other children his age but the doc said, "He is really doing quite well" with a big smile. It was nice to hear.

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Christina said...

It sounds like he's doing really well! Yay!