Sunday, September 28, 2008

September 28, 2008 with a mystery involved

Kids are in bed, livingroom, kitchen, & hallway are put back into "order" and here I am to recap our day.

"Slept in" until 6:30 when Brian woke up- the kid needs to be dragged out of bed on weekdays at 7 am yet every weekend he is up between 5:30-6:30 just bouncing off the walls. It drives me crazy!

We all went out to breakfast where Brian devoured his scrambled eggs and Corbin ate a HUGE plate of french toast- I'm still astounded he even had room in his tiny stomach to fit it all!

Most of the day was cleaning up after potty accidents- we're in a bad week right now. Brian tends to do soooo well with the potty for a couple weeks and then have a week of 15 accidents everyday. On days like this I get so frustrated but try to remember that he has come a long way with the public restroom area. For soooo long he would not pee anywhere but at home and at school- not even grandparents that he sees very regularly. Now he's gone at the library, WalMart, the grocery store, restaurants, friends' houses, and yes, the grandparents :)

We downloaded some Disney music this evening and made a playlist for the boys on our jukebox. Corbin ran upstairs and grabbed their basket of instruments and we had a makeshift band performing in the livingroom. I always get a kick out of Brian when he recognizes the song- he stares and examines the speaker as if he can't understand why the song from one of his favorite movies is coming out of this little box rather than the TV. And when you start singing along he will stare so intently at your mouth with the same surprise. I always imagine what he is thinking- "How do you know all the words? How do you make them come out at the right time? This is amazing!"
Brian's receptive language has really made some major leaps & bounds recently and I sometimes find that I don't really pay attention to it as well as I should- or be as happy about it as I should as it can sometimes be overshadowed by negative things. Today after one of his aforementioned accidents I said "Brian!! Upstairs! And wash your underwear out!" We've been starting the washing out the underwear a couple months ago which he really doesn't like. I just said the whole sentence without really thinking he would do it- it was just a "word vomit" type thing- where it just spewed out because I was frustrated. He ran upstairs screaming and I grabbed the rug cleaner to start cleaning the carpet downstairs when I heard the water running in the sink upstairs. He had followed ALL the steps in my rant! The same thing happened a few weeks ago when my 10 month old neice was visiting- I said to Brian, "Brian, go get Layla some cars to play with" just having a conversation with him like I always do, not really expecting an answer or a reaction- but he surprised me again. He went upstairs, I figured to play trains or cars by himself, and three minutes later he came running downstairs with several of his beloved Cars (from the movie) with a huge smile on his face. He then proceeded to throw them at Layla but he definitely meant well! I'm so proud of his accomplishments- I can still remember the days when he didn't even react to his name or really anything I said to him. I can't believe the accomplishments he has made.

Mystery of the day:

Early afternoon I noticed this redness around Brian's bellybutton. At first I thought maybe he was grabbing it or pinching it with his fingers as he did have an unusually high frustration level today. But after the bath tonight he still had it, making it about 7 hours now that it's been there. Brian has always had sensitive skin- trouble with different baby wipes, body soaps/shampoos, laundry detergent, even sunscreen. But we've been using all the same products for over a year now without a problem. I'm wondering if he ate something he wasn't suppose to- which in turn could be the problem for the bellybutton AND the frustration level that had both Josh & I scratching our heads today. He's just never had a skin reaction to food before so this is definitely something new and something I'll be keeping an eye on for tomorrow.

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