Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jenny Mcarthy

A while ago when I first heard about Jenny Mcarthy coming out about her child with autism I was deeply skeptical. This was going to the be the new spokesperson for autism? All I really knew her from was frankly, Playboy, and some crazy reality shows on MTV. Could this crazy, flimsy lady be strong enough, and sorry to say, smart enough to relay what all of us in the autism world needed to be relayed?

I have to say that my perceptions of her were totally wrong. The more I hear her speak the more proud I am of having her as an advocate for our children. She is always concise, accurate, and most of all puts all of her heart into it. It's so great to have our opinions, our thoughts, our accomplishments with treating biomedically get a public face!

Jenny is now promoting her new book, Mother Warriors: A Nation of Parents Healing Autism Against All Odds. She was on Oprah last week which I sadly missed but here is her upcoming media schedule.

• Mon., Sept. 29th
Good Morning America - LIVE

• Tues., Sept. 30th
Canada AM - LIVE
CNN American Morning -LIVE

• Mon., & Tues., Sept 29th & 30th
Access Hollywood

• Thurs., Oct. 2nd
KTTV/Good Day LA

• Fri., Oct. 3rd
Ellen Degeneres

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