Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mornings are Hell

The crazy thing is is that I am a morning person.  I have an internal clock that never lets me sleep in and I generally wake up full of energy and ready to go.  Especially since Brian has been back on a normal sleeping routine for about two weeks now (KNOCK ON WOOD).

Yet, mornings are hell.  I effin' hate them.

It doesn't matter how early I get up, how prepared I am before I even wake the boys, we are always rushing last minute.

No matter how much planning goes into getting out the door, the morning will entail one or more of the following:

  • The realization that there was homework to be done, that didn't get done
  • I look and realize Corbin has put on his clothes for the day OVER his pajamas and he is completely oblivious to the fact
  • Corbin's ski pants just got up and walked away some time during the middle of the night
  • Brian has decided his pants, underwear, and/or socks are just not going to satisfy his sensory needs for the day so he must change
  • Corbin has a meltdown because he realizes he doesn't have any more gum and he's going to be an anxious mess if he doesn't get that oral stim during his school day
  • Just as we're going out the door one of them sneezes and gets boogers all over my clothes so I have to change
  • A huge tantrum because someone can't watch Mr. Popper say "Stay focused!" over and over and over again
  • Always cleaning up some sort of spill from the morning- usually juice since Brian likes to go in and drink straight out of the bottle
  • Reminding Corbin twenty times that he can't play legos until he is fully ready for school
  • A long talk with Brian about why he must put up the toilet seat when he pees


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A Morning Grouch said...

That sounds pretty hell-ish, especially since I'm assuming it is all happening within a pretty short amount of time.  Coffee with baileys or mimosas might be needed?

Lana Rush said...

I honestly think even if I never slept and spent the entire night getting ready to leave in the mornings, we would still be late!  There are just so many things that crop up in the mornings...  I'm with you, mama!