Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Just Want A Hug.

It was another one of those mornings that everything that I asked of Brian made him throw himself into a fit of screams.  He was cranky to the gazillionth degree.  Though I was certain it was just him being stubborn and not wanting to leave the house, I wanted to make sure he was feeling well and I wasn't missing signs of an impeding sickness.

I pulled out his communication book and opened to the page about how he feels.  I asked him to point.  I was waiting for him to grab "mad" or "sad" or maybe even "sick" but instead he pulled off the picture of two people hugging that is labeled "loving" and handed it to me.

I laughed, "Really, you're feeling loving?".

He sat in my lap and started hugging me.

"Oh you want a hug?"

"Yeah, hug."

And we hugged.  And then he continued getting ready for school without another cry.

The power of communication.

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Jen Troester said...

Aw, seriously, awesome.