Saturday, January 14, 2012

Artistic Interpretation

Brian is becoming quite the artist, don't you think?

This came home in his backpack last week.  I don't always know how much is completely Brian's work or when he has had a little help but I think this one is probably 90% of his own talent.

I asked who the lady was with the fabulous hourglass figure and he proudly said, "MAMA!".  I see he gave me tentacle arms, so I can catch him when he's trying to run away.

I asked him who was in the bed and he said, "SLEEP!".  No amount of prodding could get another answer.  I'm guessing it's him because the tiny little bit of hair he gave that person is orange, just like his.

I asked him what was in the window and he said, "TREES!".  The curtains he cut out are the same color as our curtains in our livingroom.  But why is there a bed in our livingroom?

And is that a "DQ" painted on the wall in the left hand corner?  Was he dreaming of ice cream this day in art class?

Not really sure what the story is in this picture, but I like it.  It's getting framed.


a49erfangirl said...

This picture is AWESOME!

Lana Rush said...

Lovely artwork - you should definitely be proud!