Tuesday, January 3, 2012

What Did You Do On Your Christmas Vacation?

Today was the boys' first day back to school.

As I drove away after dropping them off I started thinking about all the kids sharing what they got for Christmas and the fun ways they had spent their vacation.

And I wondered what Brian would say if he could.

I think it would go something like this,

"For my Christmas vacation I wanted to have a marathon movie watching day every single day but my mom just wouldn't allow it.  However I did become a bit attached to a new movie, Peter Pan, and have acquired some great scripts from it.  My mom just LOVES when I yell "I CAN FLY!" and I jump off any surface I can find onto her back.  She makes a funny snapping sound when I do it.  My other favorite script is "FIRE AWAY!!".

One morning when I was taking a bath I decided to do a science expirement.  I only had five minutes of unsupervised time but I managed to dump out three bottles of lotion, a bottle of hair gel, a bottle of conditioner, another of shampoo, and spray a lot of the hairspray right into my tub.  It smelled great!  My Mom wasn't pleased....maybe, she didn't like the smell?

Yesterday I really wanted to look pretty so I opened up my Mom's body shimmer.  I dropped it by accident and now our WHOLE livingroom is sparkling!  It wasn't my intended outcome, but I like it!

Oh, I also broke my second pair of $150 therapeutic listening headphones.  Same way.  I propped them up and then stepped on top of them and snap.  Again, for some reason, Mom wasn't too happy.

I had a great Christmas.  I got THREE new Thomas engines!!! Yes, I opened a dozen other presents but I forgot what those were.  Can you believe I got THREE NEW THOMAS ENGINES?!?!?!

I got to sleep in my Mom's bed a few nights during vacation and I just love when she lets me do that.  I love to sleep sprawled right across my Mom and moving every five minutes.  Mom complains but she's always smiling and continues to snuggle with me so I don't think she really minds.

So those were my highlights.  Bet you can't beat that!!"


MissDajiah said...

Heather, you always seek to make me cry and smile at the same time. I admire your strength, dedication, and true love in situations I would never be able to be in. Million kudos to you love.

Kelly said...

Aw! So much going on here! Sorry abut the messes. Shimmer = glitter = herpes of the craft world = lifetime commitment!

Love the snuggle time, though!

Lana Rush said...

I am definitely willing to bet that no one in Brian's class can top those vacation highlights!  We had some moments but nothing quite compares... :)

By the way, what IS it about the bath?? These kids are SO quick at the "snatch and pour" maneuver.  Lily's favorite is to pull whole bath towels into the tub - the more, the better! I hate trying to wring those things out....

Lizbethcole29 said...

I love it.  Mine would say "I got a gift card to the App store!"  Now repeat that 100 times/day, every day, for the last 6 days.  And I love hearing it!

I'm glad you guys and a good holiday! 

Heather St. Clair said...

Brian always gets into the most mischief in the bath!  Yesterday he put a huge gash in his forehead while in the bath :(

Heather St. Clair said...

I'm totally using that herpes line at some point ;)  Brian STILL has shimmer in his hair lol.