Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Let Me Take A Bow :)

On a brighter note I was given two blogger awards a few days ago- thanks Lyn! Perfect timing for a lift-me-up!

I'm not sure how versatile my blog is, but I can definitely agree with the beautiful part. :)

The rules to accepting these awards are to pass them on to other bloggers and then share things about yourself that others may not know (it started out as 7 bloggers/things- but I'm cheating and only doing 5).

Autism's Bitch
Blessed & Blighted
Mainely Musings
MOM- Not Otherwise Specified
Aurora & Alex

Five Things You May Not Know:

1. In high school I was a mathlete. Seriously, I competed nationally at math tournaments and was always had the highest score for all four years of high school in our division in Maine.

2. I don't have a cell phone. Weird, right?

3. I have two tattoos- one that I designed on my back that represents what I feel about my children- "my love, my sunshines, my everything" & the other is an autism awareness ribbon on my foot. I have plans for a few more.

4. I grew up on an island in Maine- it had a population of 1200 people year round. There were nine people in my graduating class.

5. I once led an impromptu round of "Frere Jacques" with several friends at the top of the Eiffel Tower. The best part was when a group of very cute Italians joined in with us.


Lynn said...

You totally deserve these awards! Your list is freaking me out. The first 4 are CRAZY. You definitely have the best (as in most out of left field) list that I've seen. Mathlete? No cell phone? Autism Awareness tattoo (that is hardcore!)? An island in Maine? It's like I don't even know you...

Dani G said...

No cell phone? Are you okay? That is the most bizarre shizz I've ever heard!!

I wanna see a pic of the ribbon tattoo! I have a ribbon on my ankle, too, but it's red. Well, I got it 17 years ago, so now it's kinda pink. My causes are evolving, I guess!!