Thursday, August 12, 2010

Brian's ABCs

I got a new little flash-drive video camera for my birthday if you are wondering why there are back-to-back video posts! Brian loves the camera- it has one of those flip screens so he can watch himself while I record him. This was the first day I had it and I asked him to sing me a song. Before this day he has NEVER just started singing after a request like that- he would need a request for a specific song.

I'm always trying to explain to people who don't know Brian "in real life" how he can do movie phrases and sing songs yet have very, very poor articulation- this video shows it more than I could ever explain it. Here's my smart boy singing his ABCs. Enjoy!


Christina said...

He is just precious!! Love it!

Lynn said...

Audrey watched this video like 5 times and kept saying "hi brian!"

Unknown said...

That is so sweet Lynn! I want to get those two together someday :)