Monday, August 16, 2010

A Day Of Laughs

I caught so many great things on my camera today.

First Corbin came down the stairs wearing a ninja turtles costume, a monster hat, one hulk hand, spy gear night goggles & binoculars, a dinosaur slipper, and a flip flop. It was his "monster" costume. He went outside and played in it for an hour or so. This kid never ceases to crack me up and I just love his creative side.

Then Brian helped me bake and I caught his happy whole-body flap on video while we used the mixer. I've seen this a million times but for some reason capturing it on video has made his happiness and joy seem even more apparent to me. So...yeah the joy is coming from a spinning electronic device, but whatever makes him happy makes me happy.

And the last laugh from the day- Brian was in his underwear ALL day long (I'm sure you noticed in the above video) and he kept trying to go outside. All day long I told him he needed to put clothes on and all day long he told me no. Finally at 7:30 at night he went into the laundry room and came out in this ensemble. His jogging pants with my shirt. Looking good, Brian!

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