Monday, March 15, 2010

Surviving Out Of Routine

Our morning routine was all kinds of different which usually means all kinds of tantrums.

First of all, I was home. I am generally already out of the house and on my way to school when the boys get up. Secondly, I was putting him on the bus. If I'm home I never put Brian on the bus- we have the bus set up only for days that I am gone for school. Thirdly, Corbin wasn't getting on the bus with Brian. Corbin was sick, and so was I for that matter, which was the whole reason I was home.

I was prepared for some weirdness at the least, but most likely some sort of tantrum. Yet, it never came. Brian did so well with all the changes this morning.

I walked him up the steps of the bus- his legs are so little he struggles a little bit still with the steps, especially with his backpack on. I watched him pick a seat two rows behind the ed tech that rides the bus for him, even though Corbin wasn't there to sit with him. I stepped back and was waving furiously at him and he wouldn't wave back. Then the bus started moving forward and he perked up and instead of waving- the easiest mode of communication for him- I watched his lips form the words "Bye bye!" I yelled back, "Bye!!!!"

What a great morning!

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Christina said...

Awh that is so sweet! What a big boy!