Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Amazing Little Glimpses

I was walking past my bedroom, where Brian was playing, when he looked up at me, stood up, and ran to me. He then grabbed my hand and pulled me into the playroom, pointed to the lamp, and said, "Mama on!".

I wonder when moments like these, these little glimpses of proper language use, little glimpses of functional abilities, won't make my heart swell in my chest, won't make me smile, and won't make me reflect on our path of treatment towards recovery.

Sometimes people wonder why I do everything I do, when it's been three years of hard work, and I only get these tiny occasional breakthroughs. I guess one can't truly appreciate those two little words like I can. Until one knows the completely pure hapiness those words give me you wouldn't understand why I push so hard.

Of course, I hope someday these glimpses become so common-place that I won't stop and be in amazement every single time.

Other simple, amazing moments in the past couple of weeks-

*In reply to "Let's go Brian" he yelled down the stairs "Coming!"
*He accidently hit his brother in the lip with his foot in the tub- he echoed my words, "I'm sorry.", "That hurts Corbin.", "Be careful." but added in his own hug to his big brother at the end without any prompts.
*At the movie theater he immediately started yelling, "Popcorn! Popcorn!"
*Brought me a Thomas video and said, "Tommy? Yes I do."
*Catching him singing along to "Under The Sea" while watching The Little Mermaid.


Cindy @ Marriedtothemilitary {dot} net said...

ZHeather I think you are amazing, and ANY progress is still progress! You are amazing and strong, and you rock! Have Itold you that before? You are awesome, keep doing what you are doing.

Christina said...

Awh he is such a cutie pie!

Christina said...

Awh he is such a cutie pie!