Monday, November 9, 2009

The Positive Side of the Party

I don't want to linger on the difficulties when it was really a wonderful day for the boy that it was all planned for- Corbin! He had so much fun and it was great seeing him interact with his new friends from school. He recieved a bunch of Bakugan toys, legos, science stuff, and learning books (all things he asked for) as well as some other great gifts! I think everyone agreed that laser tag was the most fun activity- as the grown-ups also played with the kids. One might argue that the grown-ups had more fun actually lol.

Some pictures to share Corbin's SEVENTH birthday!

{{socializing with friends.}}

{{bri stuffing his mouth with cupcake.}} {{spinning the wheel.}}

{{checking out his cake.}}

{{blowing out the candles.}} {{kung-fu fighting card.}}

{{bakugans and lego star wars video game. perfect.}}


Christina said...

Awh he looks really happy! Yay for him!

Michelle said...

looks like a great party. Isaiah's birthday is just around the corner, and he has bakugon on his list too!