Friday, November 20, 2009

Floam Activity


*Floam- and lots of it!
*A small plastic container (I used the one that is the right size for a pair of shoes)
*Small toys
*Pictures of those small toys

Mix all of the floam you have into the container. Bury the objects/toys into the floam. That's it for the set-up!

Give your child one picture at a time and see if he can find it in the floam.

This activity helps with tactile issues, stereognosis (being able to feel for objects without looking), fine motor skills, and cognitive skills like matching. Plus it's one learning activity that Brian really enjoys! If you want to work on receptive language skills you could eliminate the pictures and just ask your child to find whatever object you have in mind.

My professor actually gave each of us a small package of floam to make into a stress ball of sorts. You can squish it over and over and over again. That's actually what prompted me to write about this activity we have been doing for about a year now.

Oh, and a word of reassurance- floam is not as messy as pictured. I'm assuming they must've changed the makeup of the product because now the colors stay in the floam and they are not sticky at all! Though this picture made it look incredibly messy, I included it because it really speaks to sensory awareness!

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