Monday, May 11, 2009

Reasons I Loved Mother's Day

* I was actually able to wake up in the same house as my own mother on Mother's Day- she had spent the night before so she could attend Brian's pool party.

* The boys were included in planting flowers at my gram's grave.

* Josh's words at the end of the card he got for me- "Babe, you are one of the most amazing mothers I've ever known. Your commitment to your children is unsurpassed."

* Flowers, flowers, flowers. Real ones, potted ones, paper ones.

* We got in a chance to visit my other grandmother and Corbin helped weed out her flowerbeds.

* Homemade gifts.

* Opening the local newspaper to read "Why I love my mom...." and Corbin's printed response, "She is fun."

* A new scrapbook album!


Michelle said...

Sounds like a fantastic mothers day!!! Major brownie points for Josh! Sounds like how I would like to spend my mothers day...except I always work on MD :(

Christina said...

What a wonderful mother's day!!! You deserve it!