Sunday, May 10, 2009

...:::pool party:::...

Brian absolutely loves being in water- so what better idea than to have his birthday party at a pool :) Brian fell asleep on the car ride there and I was so upset thinking his party was going to be ruined. I carried him in, jostling him, talking loud, and he was responding so "grumpily" at me. As soon as we entered the room with the pool, his face lit up, he squirmed down, and started getting butt-naked right then and there!

I had originally hoped to do the cake & presents first thing as I knew he would have a hard time transitioning out of the pool but that idea went out the window as he hurried into the pool.

When Grandpa showed up he yelled to Brian, "Hey Brian!! Happy Birthday!", and Brian looked up with a huge smile and shouted "Grandpa!" He has never said that independently, always only in imitation. It definitely made Grandpa's day (or maybe year!).

All the kids, and the grown-ups, had so much fun!! Brian did actually remove himself on his own for cake & ice cream and was immediately back into the pool at the end. About fifteen minutes before our time was up, I called everyone out of the pool to do the pinata. I told Brian his time was up in the pool, he yelled, and next thing I knew he was stark naked again lol. I put on his underwear and he finished his party, doing the pinata and presents, in his underwear.

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Michelle said...

Looks like he had a GREAT party!!!