Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Mrs Frisby & the Rats of NIMH

Tonight Corbin decided he wanted to start reading a big chapter book, like Mom, before bed- so aside went our Dr. Seuss, Skippyjon Jones, and other favorites- and we settled on Mrs. Frisby & The Rats of NIMH- he really wanted to do the Harry Potter series but after a thorough search I realized I don't own the first one in the series. He wasn't too upset though after I told him how much I loved the Rats of NIMH book when I was younger and had read it many, many times.
So I read the first chapter to him this evening before bed. A few times he started mumbling numbers under his breath and I had to pause and say "Corbin if you aren't going to pay attention I'm not going to read you the story" which quickly made him stop. While reading I was kind of worried that maybe we had made a mistake as the story seemed to me like it could be a bit above his head, but after the story I asked him several questions about the chapter and he replied with correct answers to each one. He said he liked it and couldn't wait for tomorrow night. It excites me so much to share one of my favorite childhood books with him :)

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