Tuesday, October 21, 2008

kissing girls

For the past couple of weeks Corbin has been coming home from school with a lot of artwork that wasn't done by him. They were all gifts from a classmate named Chloe. After the fourth time it happened I guessed that maybe there was a special relationship forming and I asked him if he liked Chloe. He answered with, "Yeah, she's my girlfriend" with that dramatic attitude that he has. I laughed. I thought it was cute, honestly. An innocent childhood moment. Last week he came home with a book made by his peers. Each classmate had to make a page about Corbin- most consisted of a picture of a boy and underneath it said "He is 5". I came to a page of a boy and girl with a big heart over them and the sentence, "I like Corbin." I smiled to myself as I knew whose it was, I flipped the page and saw her name on the back. I laughed and giggled while I shared the story with Corbin's aunts and grandparents.
BUT yesterday Corbin came home from school with a note that said he was caught by the principal kissing girls at recess. Okay, so maybe not so good anymore. I have to admit I still laughed when I read the note. C'mon, this is what my kid gets in trouble for? He's a lover. Not a fighter. I asked him why he was kissing the girls and he said "Cuz they want me to". Fair enough. My boss laughed at that one and said that he is more intuitive with girls than her 15-year-old son. Obviously I couldn't completely laugh it off though. In my mind this is just an innocent thing but I know that no such thing exists nowadays. I've actually heard of kids, as young as him, being suspended for similar behaviors. So after I was done giggling to myself I put on my serious face and we talked about only kissing family members and how it's not okay to kiss friends at school. He promised not to do it again. Hopefully he remembered today when and if the temptation arose at recess.

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