Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Communicating with Pictures

Although we've used PECS with Brian for over a year just in the past couple of weeks he seems to be really motivated to "talk" with his pictures. I'm not sure if it's the introduction of his SuperTalker or what but I love it! Some instances:

* He came down stairs with two train tracks in his hand and the picture of trains from his PECS and gave it to me. I asked, "Do you want to play trains?" He said "Yuh". Then went back upstairs to play. It wasn't as if the trains were in a place he couldn't reach- he just wanted to tell me that was what he was going to do!

* He was upstairs playing trains and Josh peeked his head in and said, "What are you doing Brian?" Brian ran to his SuperTalker, pressed the trains picture, and said "Cah" (all vehicles are cars to him)

* On several occasions he will hit the correct food items on his SuperTalker to coordinate with whatever we are eating for dinner. And then try to say the beginning sound of each word.

* He brought the juice picture from his PECS to me yesterday and said "Ju" instead of just trying to open the fridge and get it himself.

* This morning we were waiting for Jenn to come and he went to his SuperTalker and pressed the picture for "Outside" and then got himself dressed so we could wait outside for Jenn.

I'm so happy that he can communicate with me- no matter how he does it. Of course my biggest wish for him is for him to talk but I'm happy with just knowing what he wants or needs. And so happy for him to WANT to share what he is doing with me.

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Christina said...

That is great that he is figuring the system out and able to communicate with you!