Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Just A Taste of Why He's Amazing

I may have checked out the past couple of weeks.  We got new diagnoses and with that came the self-doubt and the guilt and the questions.  Should I be doing something different?  Am I not pushing enough?  Am I pushing too hard?

In the meantime, he keeps blossoming into this amazing person.

Two nights ago he broke down into tears.  Because he couldn't eat the rice on his plate.  Yes, he has a harder time at mealtime than his brother.  Yet, it wasn't something that needed tears.  The tears grow into other emotional problems and then he starts breathing so hard that I'm worried he'll have an anxiety attack.

The problem was that we were having ice cream for dessert.  And it's not a rule we budge on.  If you don't eat your dinner, you don't get dessert.  But we don't have dessert very often so when it's available it's a big deal.

He did end up going to bed with no dessert and we were able to dry up those tears and get some hugs and laughs before bed after an hour or so of the tears.

Last night, Brian was the one struggling with dinner.  We had potato salad and he is not a fan.  Corbin finished his up in no time.  Brian was screaming at me because he knew there was ice cream and he didn't want to eat the potato salad.

Part of me expected Corbin to be a bit smug.  Just the night before Brian had had ice cream and he had had none.  Quite honestly I thought that may be a typical response.

However, Corbin stopped playing his game and came and sat next to his brother who was still sitting at the table trying to coerce me to give in.  Corbin patted his back and started talking to him in a nice slow voice telling him he could do it.  He then leaned in and picked up one piece of potato and said, "Here, I'll help you, but that's all I'm eating because I know you can do it".

Brian ended up eating all of his dinner and both boys enjoyed ice cream together.

So yes, we may have learned last week that Corbin has a bit more struggles than I thought.  Or maybe it was just it seems more now that it has labels...but regardless, he is an amazing person growing up with all of the attributes I find to be important in people.  He is simply wonderful.


Britt @ BrittsRunningStyle said...

OMG. That is so sweet. I know Corbin is an awesome big brother. But, seriously. How mature/compassionate of him. This is a great post Heather :)

Dena Davis said...

They don't test compassion at school, do they?! He is an amazing person and has the most important qualities! Hugs, mama!