Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Best of Eight

Today we'll be having the big party to celebrate my little man turning nine.

In the meantime let's look at the past year.

A look through pictures.
Covering his ears for the birthday song back on his 8th birthday.

Sleeping and holding hands with his brother.  This is a very common occurrence.

Lounging around with Colin.

Absolutely no fear at Grammie's pool.  This is the year he really learned how to swim.

We moved int our new home and many laughs have occurred in the big tub.

Looking like he wants to soar away at Acadia National Park.

Quite possibly my all-time favorite pic of Brian.

Who could forget this first day of school picture.  Brian is leaning in to give his big brother a kiss.

Brian overcame his fear of feeding the animals at York Zoo.

Making a scarecrow with Corbin.

Brian really got into the whole Santa thing this year.

Brian survived the biggest blizzard from his lifetime- Nemo!

Not feeling too sad about all the snow.

He really got into Spirit Week this year.  Whatever Corbin did, he had to do too!

Brian spent as much time as he could loving on his youngest cousin, Lindelle.  He just loves babies!

Brian participated in his seventh local Walk for Autism event!

A picture from his NINTH birthday with his Mama.

It was a great year!

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