Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Next Tim Gunn

I had the pleasure and privilege to go to the Bare Truth Project gala this past week.  It was a gala celebrating the work of three photographers who decided to do a collection of breast cancer survivors and their scars to raise awareness.  My friend Amy was one of the beautiful models and I wanted to support her however I could.


There was the issue of what to wear.

I'm very indecisive.  Just putting that out there.

I sent pictures of different outfits to probably no less than 15 close friends asking for their advice until I finally had it narrowed down to two dresses.

The night before the event I was once again trying on both dresses and trying to make a decision.

Corbin came into my bedroom and looked at both dresses and pointed to the black-and-white one and said "Mom, that's just a regular dress."  He then started stroking the sparkly-neutral dress and said, "But this one.  This one is like gold.  It's something special."

I laughed...but he was right.  He knew what he was talking about.

Corbins' Pick.
I told my Aunt the story the next day and she said, "Corbin's the Tim Gunn of the next generation."

And she's so right.

The kid knows fashion.  I'm not saying that he really cares about what he looks like every single day but when he wants to look good he does it.  He puts together combinations I wouldn't even think about.

He loves fedoras and ties and popping his collar.

He notices when I have new shoes and always comments on them.

He's definitely been brought up by a single mother.

Just another reason I love that kid.


Karla T said...

Love it!

Dani G said...

C is incredible!! Love it!