Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Unbelievably Smart

I dug out the window crayons last night.  
Brian works best with novel ideas.  
He's not a sit at a desk kind of learner (like 90% of children).  

Look at our art work.

Yes, that is my handwriting on Ratatouille and Dreamworks, but he told me how to spell them, letter by letter.

Then he wrote "MCR" on the bottom.  
That's where his sitter does her figure skating and has brought Brian to once.

My child is not a phonological speller and may never be.  But that kid has got memory skills like no one has realized.  I know it.  They haven't tapped into it yet and I'm determined to.  That's how he is going to learn.

Furthermore, look at his trains.  I have never seen him independently draw trains.  The one on the right has a tiny "1" on it under the smokestack and he told me it was "Tommy".  He then went and put a "5" on the other and said it was "James".  He also wrote "T"s by both of them for "train".

He is so smart. 

Unbelievably smart.

And I wish EVERYONE would see that.


Kelly Hafer said...

So very cool! I love that you really "get" him. And that you advocate and fight for him. But it is your love that really just shines through in these posts. Thanks for a little ray of sunshine on this gloomy morning.

(Single)Mommy said...

Very cool! You're such a great mom :) Those boys are lucky

Karen V. said...

Window crayons look like fun!!  Brian's trains rock! Spelling Ratatouille and Dreamworks - amazing!  Whatever way he learns, is the best way for him.  :)

Lana Rush said...

What an amazing gift that wonderful memory is going to be.  So many of our words can't be spelled phonetically anyway - I can remember telling my girls " it doesn't make sense - you just have to memorize it!"  Good for you for recognizing his strengths and capitalizing on them.

By, the way - found your blog by way of Autism Army Mom.

Heather said...

Thank goodness for Lyn or I wouldn't have any readers ;)

Thank you for your kind words!