Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better

Corbin loves to brag about the things he does well.  And sometimes he likes to brag about how much "better" he is at things than Brian.  He can read better, he can add better, he can play sports better, etc., etc.  Now, Corbin isn't a brat (most of the time)- it's just him making observations.  It's his way of questioning me about autism and why Brian can't do those things.

I like to try to respond with things Brian can do better.  And honestly sometimes I struggle.

However, this week we found out that Brian can rollerblade better than Corbin.  Yup, you heard it here first.  Brian just has that balance thing going for him- you can see it when he climbs across the top of the couch or up on the counters.  Corbin...well that poor kid is awkward as hell.

Secondly, Brian is a WAY better hiker than Corbin.  This past weekend we hiked Bald Mountain, which is the fifth highest point on the eastern coast.  Brian loves hiking.  He goes for it- there's a path and he is ready to follow it.  He doesn't ever stop until he gets to the final destination (and if it's not marked well he'll keep on going).  He doesn't tire.
Brian: "Don't stop, c'mon guys"

Corbin, with his low muscle tone, requires frequent rest breaks and complains the entire time.

Corbin on one of his many breaks.

So when Brian starts talking he can stick his tongue out at Corbin and say, "I'm better than you!"

My two boys that love each other VERY much, despite all this stuff I write about! :)


Karlatrx said...

I showed my son (8 has Asperger's) the last pic and asked if he knew where it was taken.  He's only been once so I wasn't sure if he'd recognize it.  Of course, he can't just give a straight answer (his 1st response was "uh yeah, it's obvious, don't YOU know?") but he finally said it was Bald Mountain.  He said he recognized it because of the Lake.  He went with his class last year.

So cool that Brian is a good hiker.  I love the last picture of the boys hugging at the top of the mountain.  They conquered it together!  

Heather said...

Where are you guys?  Are you a Maine family too and I didn't even realize it?

Karen V. said...

Your boys are both adorable!  Way to go mom with both boys doing so much achieving.  It must've been great for Brian to work all those big muscles on that hike.  Your photos make it look so beautiful and refreshing!  Love the photo of the two of them together.  :)

(Single)Mommy said...

Typical sibling rivalry ;) cute photos