Monday, September 7, 2009

Ups & Downs of Transitioning

During my online absence the boys had their first day of school.

Leading up to that day was full of stress, anxiety, unanswered questions, and anger. When we had our transition meeting for Brian last spring I was hopeful with all of the promises they had made to help make the transition for Brian go smoothly. Unfortunately all of those promises didn't happen as they were suppose to. I was extremely angry and was not looking forward to that first day of school.

I tried to put aside my own feelings so they wouldn't rub off on Brian. We arrived at the first day and I stayed with him until about noon. He really adjusted really well. He certainly surpassed what I had anticipated to happen that day. He continued to do well during his whole first week. Never needing to be removed from the general-ed room because of behaviors or disturbing the other kids. He has been removed a time or two a day as a reward, he gets to go in the special ed room to run around and be loud and get out all that crazy energy he has.

I'm in the process of putting on my finishing touches to my formal complaint letter to be sending to the principal, superintendent, and anyone else I feel should hear it and have set up a meeting in a couple of weeks. I think I'm happy with his placement, with his teacher and the special-needs teacher, but I can't just let it go that my wishes weren't respected before the school year started.

I'm subbing tomorrow at the preschool but am hoping to go again for a couple hours to just check in and see how he's continuing to adjust.

Oh, and Corbin is doing wonderful :) He's center of attention, social climber, and mad that he isn't learning anything new yet. He cracks me up every single day and I love hearing his stories everyday after school.


Have this great link to share for forms you can print out to use with your child's teacher to stay informed on how they are doing in school- Teacher Handouts from the Autism Society


Christina said...

I am sorry they didn't respect your wishes!!! That is so frustrating. So glad he did well despite all of that!

Michelle said...

I'm sorry Heather! I'm glad the boys are doing good in school though let us know how it goes w/ the school!(((hugs)))