Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Phenol Effect

Two months ago we decided to remove phenols as much as possible in Brian's diet and see if there would be any effect.
It definitely seemed to help with his mood swings he was having at the time as well as sleep. I was having many nights in a row of non-interrupted sleep. Bliss!
This past Saturday we decided to go apple picking. Apples are very high in phenols and also one of the food items Brian was previously "addicted" to. I decided to just let him have some apples- it couldn't be that bad, right?
Well Saturday, Sunday, and Monday Brian had an apple each day as well as a glass of apple cider. All three nights he has been up for hours at a time and yesterday he had huge, tears running down his face, meltdowns for simple things that don't usually unnerve him- like coming in from outside, putting his stuff away, etc.
I hate to see him so upset like that but it's nice to know that steps I take are working. Back to no phenols!


Michelle said...

It's always nice to know that our hard work is worth it!!!

Christina said...

Awh poor guy!!!! What a difference it made!

Melissa said...

My son is on a low phenol diet too. Phenols make him too easily frustrated and confused. My son loves golden delicious apples; they are lower in phenols since they are a green or yellow food, and they do not affect him like the red apples do. This does mean no apple juice or apple sauce, unless you know how to make your own for him using the golden delicious apples. I hope this helps!