Wednesday, July 22, 2009


So a few blips in our lives to report on, I haven't been making myself have the discipline to sit down and write whenever anything happens- so then everything piles up in my brain and I try to remember what I wanted to share on here- so a little bit of everything:

* The boys decided a few weeks ago to put both of their beds in one bedroom and make the other bedroom into a joined playroom. Had thought about doing it a long time ago but was worried that Brian's frequent night-wakings would be a problem for Corbin but Corbin has proved that he can sleep through anything so I agreed. It's worked out wonderfully. Of course I find it ironic that just a few months ago I spent all that money to give each bedroom it's own personality to fit it's occupants and now we just have a jumbled sports/trains theme in each room.

* Window guards have gone up in both rooms. I'm not sure if you remember but a while ago I found Brian had opened his window and was standing on the window sill, leaning against the screen in his second-floor bedroom. So glad to have these finally installed!

* Brian went to get his eyes checked. He did wonderfully and completed the exam completely awake!! I was so positive we'd have to go back for a sedated evaluation- such a relief to not have to!

* At the doctor's office Brian saw a huge mural of an undersea theme and said "Octopus" as clear as day. A week ago he said "Ratatouille" and today he looked at me and said "popsicle". All of a sudden these multiple-syllable words coming out of nowhere.

* At the retreat this past weekend Corbin was suppose to keep an eye on Brian while we were packing up. Corbin has been VERY bossy towards his little brother as of late and Brian started crying when Corbin started his authority routine and I turned around and said, "What's wrong Brian?" and he answered, "Cor-Cor!!" I think that was the first time he's ever answered a question like that.

*Today at riding lessons Brian only had one sidewalker, graduating from two, and trotted for a good fourth of the lesson. I can't believe how far he has come in only four lessons!

* Every day Corbin is riding further & further distances on his bike with NO training wheels- I'm so proud of him for conquering his fear! Now if only he'd get over this new fear of the upstairs and being ANYWHERE in the house by himself!

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Christina said...

It's sounds like both boys are doing some fantastic things!! That's great!